Taste NWA

This publication was created by four University of Arkansas graphic design students. We narrowed down to our favorite restaurants in the area to help make the dining decision a little easier for those living in Northwest Arkansas. We all went to each of the restaurants together and tasted, tested and judged the food, service, price and atmosphere. We published this magazine with the results of the best places to eat in Northwest Arkansas.

The idea was to create a simplistic design that had strong design elements to highlight the restaurants we found most delicious. The front page was designed by the four students. The colors on front page was a light orange to stimulate hunger.The page about Briar Rose was a self design. The color on the Briar Rose was pulled from the building of the restaurant. Each spread contained a basic shape to design from. The front page has the rectangle and the Briar Rose has the triangle. All pages included two lines as a reference to tie the pages together.

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