Victor Dubreuil

Victor Dubreuil was an 19th century American painter. He painted in a trompe l’oeil style of painting, meaning to fool the eye. Their isn’t a great deal known about this artist but what we do know about him is that he was obsessed with money. He would paint stacks of money, single dollars, a couple dollars, or whole barrels of money. He really like his money. Someone once speculated, that perhaps the reason he was so obsessed with money that he had so little.

I choose Still Life with Money Pile and Champagne to modernize because of the objects in the picture. The champagne bottle is old due to the cork on top lacking a cork opener and the lack of design on the label was updated to a modern design. The the glassware, on the right, can be updated to a wine glass. The pile of money was updated to the modern electronic money, like credit cards or gift cards. The box of matches was replaced by a modern lighter. Also the cigar can be updated to a large cigar with a label of a modern cigar company. The original was painted but I decided to pixelate this one, because this was a digital photograph and I wanted to emphasize it.

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