Greg Reed
Full Stack Designer

UX Design, UI Design, UX Research, and Front End Dev.

Final Mile Order Entry

A first of its kind in the Final Mile transportation industry, this order entry allows customers to quickly submit orders without having to wait several hours.


Banner and Oak

Banner and Oak is a B2C apparel brand that is made, designed, and fabricated in America. A first of its kind for Outdoor Cap due to its focus on the deep expertise in the B2B headwear market. The site uses the Shopify platform, which helps the company quickly spin up sales & marketing in an […]


Outdoor Cap Inc.

Outdoor Cap a B2B cap & hat supplier in Northwest Arkansas nearby the Walmart headquarters. This is the companies first adventure into the digital age and modernizing its technology, marketing, and online sales. This redesign project features 4 sites, a corporate site, a promotional products site, a sports site, & a hunting site, all of […]


Hatswork is a free web resource to spread the good news of headwear’s value as a promotional tool for business. The design is tailored for readability with an underlying theme of revealing itself, as this is the first modern and mobile-first website for Outdoor Cap.

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